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Lowering Carbon Footprint Through Improved Ion Exchange Membranes

Back in 2009, the United States Department of Energy held a challenge intended to find high-quality catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide. Dioxide Materials was born out of that challenge when employees of theorized that

How The FOXP3 Antibody Is Used For Testing

FOXP3 is a 431 amino acid protein and a member of the forkhead/winged-helix transcriptional regulator family. It is necessary for normal immune homeostasis and is constitutively and stably expressed at high levels in CD35+CD4 positive T-cells. It

Find Out More About The Ki67 Antibody

The Ki67 antibody is considered a nuclear protein, expressed in proliferating cells. It is expressed during the late G1-, M-, S-, and G2-phases of the cell’s cycle while the cells in the G0 phase are negative. It

The Clinical Importance Of The Synaptophysin Antibody

The Synaptophysin antibody is considered to be a major synaptic vesicle protein and is found in humans. It is encoded by the SYP gene. This gene is located on the shorter arm of the X chromosome and

Requirements to Look at With Solar Engineering in Chattanooga, TN

Solar power operation is fairly straightforward. The sun energy is collected, stored in batteries, and released when needed into the electrical system. Despite the relatively simple flow, the actual implementation of effective energy collection tends to be

Uses And Options For The Synaptophysin Antibody

The Synaptophysin Antibody can recognize proteins with a molecular weight of 38kDa. It can label normal neuroendocrine cells within the human adrenal medulla, skin, carotid body, pituitary gland, lung, thyroid, pancreas, Paneth’s cells, gastrointestinal mucosa and more.

MEP Engineers in Chattanooga TN Are Experienced in Assessing a Building’s Environmental Needs

Construction of a commercial or industrial facility doesn’t pertain to just the outer shell or even the interior structure of the building. Of equal importance is the design and implementation of heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical systems,

Establishing a Wireless Network in Denver

Businesses that establish a Wireless Network in Denver can get higher productivity from employees, access information, and research results faster, and encourage stronger teams and more collaboration. People from different departments can problem solve issues, develop creative