3 Ways Automation Helps Your Revenue Cycle Through Uncompensated Care

One of the costs of operation in the medical care industry includes free and uncompensated care to patients who can’t pay. Finding the right balance between free service and uncompromised treatment revenue stream is an often tough challenge.Your healthcare revenue cycle does not stop for uncompensated care.

Typically, a manual process makes it harder for patients and collections teams. In many situations, an automated data analysis tool can make things better. Here are three things automation does to help protect your balance sheet and give patients a better experience.

  • Automates Insurance Coverage Process

Patients who need charity support is trending up, which means finding ways to manage the increase in complex cases. The checking and clearing process of coverage can be automated to increase productivity and decrease errors. Technology can give you more savings in time and money.

  • Achieve Better Screenings

Confirming active coverage and financial data from patients during the admissions process also saves time. Have your staff use an automated tool for a reliable and efficient way to verify the patient’s ability to pay status before they arrive in the office expecting treatment without delay.

  • Helps Patients Make Better Financial Decisions

Ultimately, you want to have a positive impact on patients who come to your facility. They need solutions upfront to make decisions about their care. Data-drive software allows you to evaluate their ability to pay and offer the appropriate payment plan.

Make Better Connections Between Your Staff and Patients!

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