NJ Has One of the Most Favorable Net Metering Standards for Solar Power in the Country

New Jersey served as a model for the rest of the states in establishing one of the most favorable net metering standards in the country. The design of the Garden State’s net metering program is to encourage a growing number of customers to invest in solar energy. NJ allows unlimited customers with any size solar array to reap the benefits of net metering. Although the annual generation cannot exceed the annual demand, this program ensures that customers with solar systems can seamlessly integrate into the electric grid through their utility companies.

Net metering standards in New Jersey aim to motivate a growing number of homeowners and business owners to go solar. This program compensates solar users for the amount of solar energy they produce. The incentive promotes sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and a more reliable electricity source that eliminates carbon footprints in New Jersey.

Net Metering in New Jersey

The state government of New Jersey obligated utility companies and electricity providers to apply net metering for solar energy users. As previously mentioned, there are no limits when it comes to system size. A net metered system can only be approved for installation by the utility so long as the solar power generated is not expected to exceed the site’s annual electricity consumption.

Utility customers can reap the benefits through the credits given by their electricity providers. The credits are issued based on every watt from the solar array which makes its way to the grid. The first stop for solar power is to power the site, but after that, it can be put back into the grid for a credit.. Then, it gets subtracted from the kilowatt-hours utilized from the grid by the site. You can receive a credit for every excess kilowatt-hour that you generated at a given month. Simply put, at the end of each 12 months, you could receive compensation for the credits you earned.

How Long Does it Take to Have Solar Systems Installed in New Jersey?

To better enjoy the benefits of net metering in New Jersey, it’s best to have your solar system installed right away. Starting your preparations and planning before the year’s end can prepare your solar system as early as March.

Technically, a solar installation can only take around 1 to 3 days, especially if you already have the complete materials. However, before you can even get started with the solar installation, there are a few other things involved. It takes approximately three months to have your system installed for your NJ home. This period is consumed with permitting and approvals,, procuring the materials, and the installation itself.


There has never been a better time to install your solar system than today. It’s best if you get started before the year’s end to enjoy its advantages fully. With the prices dropping exponentially, exciting incentives, and net metering standards, solar installations’ benefits are hard to resist.

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