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Making Sure Your Behavioral Health EHR Software is HIPAA Compliant

When you deploy behavioral health EHR software, it replaces paper patient charts. “EHR” stands for Electronic Health Record, and is subject to the same privacy laws that a paper chart is under the Health Insurance Portability and

There are Revenue Cycle Management Companies in Orlando

Taking care of bills and follow-up appointments can be challenging, especially when it comes to treatment centers that most likely are receiving a low amount of state and federal aid. Thankfully, platforms specializing in this field do

3 Benefits of Using Behavioral Health EHR at Your Behavioral Health Office

Electronic health records continue to be important among every aspect of the medical profession due to the streamlined process associated with them. Behavioral health offices are even learning about the significance of utilizing an EHR. Continue reading

The Three Best Benefits of Quality EHR Practice Management Software

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and is quickly becoming one of the most beneficial software platforms used by a range of clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare establishments. Among the many great things about this software is

Going with the Right Outcome Measurement Software

It goes without saying that the healthcare industry can be rather complicated. This is especially true for smaller clinics and rehabilitation centers who are currently experiencing record numbers of visits due to the fact that more and

Five Primary Reasons to Hire a Website Design Company for Your Business

There are 162,900 web designers employed in the United States, according to the latest available data from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. And these professionals create various content and images that help businesses compete online. If

Security And Ease of Use Are Signs of The Right Records Software

There is quite a bit of necessity in behavioral health. People have issues that occur all the time, but could make people think badly about them if they find out about it. That is why behavioral health

Cyber Threats in Toronto: Cyber Security is Vital for Businesses

Sometimes, businesses get so busy that they overlook the importance of cyber security in. This is a real threat that every business owner should pay attention to. The following are a few of the reasons you need

Have You Ever Wondered Why Electronic Health Records Are So Helpful?

People routinely share things with their healthcare providers that they wouldn’t dare discuss with anybody else. After all, physicians do require more personal information than virtually any other service provider, so it comes with the territory. Thanks

Outcome Measurement Tools: On Finding an Ideal EHR Software

What are outcome measurement tools? Outcome measurement tools refer to tests as well as measures that a physical therapist may use to quantify or evaluate the overall function of a patient, Very Well says. If your facility