Most Common Mistakes In Mobile App Development By Small Businesses

by | Dec 14, 2018 | technologyigniter

A small business in Atlanta may see the benefit in having an app, but they may make simple mistakes that result in either poor use of the app or problems with the app once it has been launched. By choosing a professional app design and development company, these issues can be avoided.

To help any small business considering a do-it-yourself mobile app development project, here are three common mistakes that are seen in apps designed and developed in-house.

No Clear Vision For Use

One of the biggest errors any Atlanta company designing an app the first time is likely to make is not to pinpoint what the app is to do. Apps are not designed to be the same as websites, which means they need to instantly provide the user with a reason to download and use the app.

Often the in-house mobile app development team does not take the time to research the apps already on the market. This can lead to hours of time spent in developing an app that is already available to end-users. Unless there is something better, different or more practical, the newly designed app will simply be a copy.

Multiple Features

Along with not having a clear vision and function for the app, trying to do too much with the app is another common issue. Apps need to serve one purpose and adding too many options, buttons and features just make them impractical and frustrating to use.

APIs Not Working

A very critical service the mobile app development team will provide is a full verification that all APIs the app needs are linked and working. This allows your Atlanta business app to access data from other authorized apps, creating a better end-user experience.

Without running simulations and verifying all APIs are functioning, it is possible the app could fail, which will create customer frustration and distrust.

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