Complex Automotive Production Requires Automation and New Technology

Modern automobiles are infinitely more complicated than the automobiles of just a few decades ago. This complexity is seen in modern car safety features, the features that improve comfortability, and the features that allow for onboard entertainment. It would be impossible for car manufacturers to produce vehicles at the same speed and with the same level of efficiency that they currently do without the use of a 5 axis robotic arm and other tools for automation.

Automation has advanced so far when it comes to making automobiles that most people are surprised at the level of detail the work robots can be used to do. A 5 axis robotic arm equipped with robotic vision can do precise work. This is because it can, in a digital sense, see what it is doing. The robotic wrist has a laser and camera array that provides instantaneous feedback. This allows robots to perform proper offsetting as they install a part because they understand where it goes and how the parts should look when things are finished.

This means that robots are now able to install door panels, fenders, and windshields with extreme accuracy. The predecessors to these robotic arms with robotic vision did an amazing job. Now, modern robots are so accurate that they are allowing manufacturers to push the limits when it comes to accuracy tolerance in the products they are producing.

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