Four Areas That Will Benefit From Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology is an emerging platform that is benefiting many operations. The systems are helping to prevent crime, save money, and streamline entry. Here are four areas that people may soon see this application in use.

Brick-and-Mortar Shops

Retail outlets can use facial authentication to identify shoplifters. Security personnel can compare pictures of shoppers against a database of known criminals. The officers can monitor these scans and watch for repeat offenders. The system can help them address problems before they occur.

Police Work

Facial authentication can help police officers identify missing and exploited children. Kidnapped individuals can be picked out in a sea of faces. Airports, busy malls, and event centers can wire in the technology. This authentication technique will also give the officers time to separate the child from the captor strategically.

Cellular Devices

If you have ever had to juggle packages while trying to enter your password into your cell phone, you will appreciate being able to open your device just by looking at it. This recognition technology will also keep your personal information safe in the event you lose your phone. This unlocking feature could eliminate cell phone theft because it renders the phone virtually useless to anyone that steals it.

Entry Pass

Event planners will soon be setting up facial recognition kiosks. When a ticket holder arrives at a concert or game, they can bypass the ticket booth and simply step up to the facial scanning kiosk. These booths will allow for quicker entry times and eliminate bottlenecks and large lines funneling into crowded venues. For more information on this technology, contact DENSO ADC at .

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