Monitors that the Military can Count on

Military touch monitors are an integral part of life in the field for personnel on campaign in all kinds of different and vastly varying environmental conditions. They have to be built durable, readable and they must be relied on to work when they are needed the most. That is why the military is turning to optical bonded and LED backlit displays.

Why Military Touch Monitors Must be Built Tough

Sometimes the same monitor may have to be able to function in extreme cold or heat. From the driest of deserts to the roughest of waters. They should be able to be read in situations where light is at a minimum or the sunlight is bouncing off the water. With technologies like LED backlights and optical bonded displays this is not only possible but has already been implemented by the military. They will get bounced around in military ground vehicles or have to withstand the harsh corrosive salt water of the oceans and seas of the planet. So, they have to be built with the toughest of materials to withstand the harsh conditions they are utilized in. Nothing can be left to chance and these monitors absolutely must work when called upon.

For the Ultimate Viewing Experience the Military Relies on Insync

Insync Peripherals Corporation was established as a way to improve the viewing experience that monitors and displays provide to a company’s staff and customers. With their innovative optical bonding and LED backlight technology the military goes to them for touch monitors that can be used to the greatest advantage in the field. If you would like to learn more please visit their website and see how the military and other industries have implemented they displays into the daily working lives and how they can improve the way you do business.

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