How EHR Improves Your Mental Health Practice

With tens of millions of people affected by mental illness each year, mental health providers have the important task of treating, assessing, and managing large patient bases. You can improve your efficiency and quality of treatment by making the switch to electronic health records, or EHR for mental health providers. Here are just a few ways in which electronic medical records can elevate your practice.

More Focused Patient Care

EHR makes it easy to manage your patient files, progress notes, and visit summaries. You won’t have to deal with backed-up paperwork, piles of files, or filing cabinets any longer. Electronic records keep everything easily accessible, from any device on which you have an internet connection. EHR also makes it easy to manage tasks like billing and keeping track of patients’ insurance, says AZZLY.

Better Patient Compliance

Mental health care requires compliance in order to be effective. EHR makes it easy for you to keep track of when to make follow-up calls, track missed appointments, and monitor medication changes. Electronic health records make it easy to access notes on your interactions with patients and make sure that compliance is properly encouraged.

Easy Medication Management

Medication is an important– and often necessary– part of mental health care. Changes in medication types and dosage can be easily tracked with EHR, making it easy for you to assess what works best for your patients.


Since you can easily access electronic health records from home as well as at the office, you can be confident that you’re equipped to handle after-hours calls for questions and emergency situations. You’ll also be able to update your patient’s records with notes about your after-hours calls and input any follow-up reminders.

Electronic health records for mental health providers are the most modern, professional, and efficient way of handling care. When you factor in vulnerable patient populations and the attention to detail required for medication management, EHR is your best investment for an exceptional practice.

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