We Are What We Eat and We Want Our Food Safe in Cambridge MA and the World

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Agricultural Service

Climate-smart farming is just part of the food safety management system applied in nearly thirty countries. Adopting precise agricultural methods to conserve water, fertilizer, and pesticide contributes to reducing environmental deterioration.


Solutions aimed at sustainable agriculture to empower farmers come in several forms including:

• Farm traceability
• Farm management
• Monitoring and evaluation solutions
• Supply chain management

The beauty of these solutions is they all work together handling any degree of complexity to create a competitive advantage from farm to retail.

Conservation and Security

Producing a safe food supply is more than good hygiene. Conservation of resources and food security are closely intertwined to promote climate-smart farming that reduces food loss by untangling supply chains. Precision agriculture conserves water, fertilizer, and pesticides — our vital resources — and this software platform empowers smallholder farmers and agribusiness companies alike and in accordance with their demands.

Benefits of Traceability
Traceability means having visibility and transparency all up and down your value chain. Having one platform that is commodity customizable allowing monitoring at every stage, from procurement to retail, has proven invaluable across the globe and for stakeholders as diverse as:

• Importers
• Exporters
• Floor majors
• Retail businesses
• Food processors
• And more

Above all, this software gives you complete visibility. This comprehensive system of food traceability will elevate your organization to performing data-driven agriculture.

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To find out more about SourceTrace Systems and their food safety management system, visit them online at https://www.sourcetrace.com/ or call the corporate headquarters at (978) 394-5962.

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