6 Ways to Improve How You Deal with EHR

Dealing with EHR can be a source of great frustration for many health care providers. Here are a few tips to help make things easier for you and your team:

Check the setup of the exam room

A lot of exam rooms are built in a way that orients the keyboard or keyboard tray toward the monitor on a desk. While that works when you’re typing, it lacks the necessary connection to your patients. Fix the setup of the room so that your staff can maintain good eye contact with your patients during the exam.

Go for a wide screen

Wide screens make it easier to share information with the patient. This also means there’s no need to crowd too closely around the monitor, which can be inconvenient and could slow down the exam or consultation, says Medscape. This also means less scrolling and clicking. As a result, you can share data or information that much faster, allowing for speedy consultations and making room for more patients in your consultation lineup.

Show patients the screen

Sharing the screen with the patient can help fact-check the data that much faster. Patients can easily detect if there’s something wrong with the data that’s on screen—if the name has been misspelled, if there’s a missing number in their contact numbers, or if their social security number is off by a single digit. By sharing the screen, you can avoid filing errors that could derail payment processing and billing.

Shop for the right software

Upgrading to a better Behavioral Health EHR software is essential. If the current one you use is much too basic, you might want to research the slew of different options out there. An improved EHR software can offer so much more features that you’ll find it much, much easier to get EHR tasks done in less time.

Provide training

Choosing a good Behavioral Health EHR is only part of the solution. To ensure your team optimizes the use of the program, provide organization-wide training sessions. This can make the best use of the system so your entire crew can rely on your new EHR system to effect positive changes in your processes.

Encourage sharing

Encourage everyone to share their efficiency tips in the team. That could also help improve the way you work with your EHR.

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